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I-CAER sponsors two programs to help inform and educate Iberville Parish residents about safety and emergency planning and preparation. They are the publication and distribution of the Iberville Parish Emergency Preparedness Guidebook including the Door-to-Door campaign, and the Safety Town program. Iberville Emergency Preparedness Guidebook – This informative guidebook is published every four years, and includes information on preparing for a wide variety of emergencies, including weather events, chemical spills, poisoning, fires, flooding, extreme heat, and injuries. It also provides first aid information, steps to take in a variety of emergencies, and emergency and parish resources. It is mailed to every household in the parish. Click to Download Updated PDF Guidebook

Safety Town – Hundreds of kindergarten students in Iberville learn about safety each year during the Safety Town program sponsored by I-CAER and the Iberville Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness. It is a fun ways for these children to learn about emergency preparedness, chemical, fire, gun, weather, bicycle and vehicle safety. During this program, students drive their “big wheels” around the streets of the miniature Safety Town, which is complete with city buildings, railroad crossings, stop signs, and traffic lights. They are issued traffic tickets for any violations and awarded a Safety Town driver’s license once they demonstrate good safety practices. During Safety Town, the students also receive lessons on what to do when the siren sounds for bad weather or a chemical spill. Safety Town turtle mascot “Wally Wise Guy” demonstrates sheltering in place and other safety lessons, such as how to correctly report an emergency by calling “911” on the telephone, fire safety principles like “stop, drop and roll,” and general personal safety, such as not playing with guns and not talking to strangers.

I-CAER sponsors this program, and the member companies provide approximately 50 volunteers to assist children throughout each day-long program. The program continues for 10 days, with various groups of kindergarteners attending each day.

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