Emergency Notifications to Cell Phone

If you would like to register your cell phone to your address for 911 and for emergency notifications, click on the following link and enter your information:

Iberville Parish Homeland Security/E-911 utilizes CodeRed Emergency Notification to deliver recorded telephone messages. Since many people no longer have home phones, it has become increasingly difficult to notify the public during emergencies. Registering your cell phone to your address will ensure you receive our emergency notifications when your address is within an area affected by an emergency. This database is strictly confidential and will not be made available to any other vendors!

This is important because the E-911 Center only has access to public phone records (like the White/Yellow Pages) to get residential address information. If you do not have a landline, chances are that 911 isn’t sure if anyone lives at your address because there’s no information in the system to verify what a 911 caller says. And many times while in distress, callers give the wrong information. Having your address added through this registration gives the operators a way to double check what you tell them so emergency personnel can find you. Please take a few minutes to register, and tell your friends and family in Iberville to do the same.